FERTECH PRODUCTION's business activity meets and responds to the urgent need for sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges our society facing today,  by putting waste management in our country, at the heart of environmental services. The ultimate goal is to achieving greater economic and environmental benefits through mutual cooperation, aiming at effective waste management for the entire community.


receipt & management

of organic



of organic & organic-chemical


rubber devulcanization

Receipt & Management

of Organic Waste

FERTECH PRODUCTION undertakes the receipt and management of municipal and industrial solid non-hazazrdous waste based on the European Waste Catalogue (EWC).


Organic & Organic-chemical Fertilizers

FERTECH production, through a specific bio-solids treatment, produces organic fertilizers with less than 10% moisture content. At the same time, we produce various types of organic-chemical fertilizers in corporation with FERTILIS trade.


of Rubber Compounds

FERTECH PRODUCTION manages old tires and traces of any kind (NR, SBR, EPDM, SR, etc.) solving the problem of disposal of worn tires permanently, creating raw material for the industry.

The recycling of the tire through a chemical-mechanical process of bullying produces high quality ...