FERTECH PRODUCTION is the groundbreaking, advanced production unit of TEDRA Group, which operates in the field of sustainable organic waste management. FERTECH PRODUCTION’smain core business is the production of organic and organic-chemical fertilizers. The production is based on the recycling of organic matter (necessary for soils) processed in the most modern way and enriched depending on the product type.

The Group's privately owned factory FERTECH PRODUCTION is located at Platy, Imathia, providing its facilities (5.500 m2) with modern equipment and unparalleled production processes, guaranteed by quality standards. High quality is ensured by continuous research, study and control in FERTECH PRODUCTION's modern laboratories.

FERTECH PRODUCTION's business activity meets and responds to the urgent need for sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges our society facing today,  by putting waste management in our country, at the heart of environmental services. The ultimate goal is to achieving greater economic and environmental benefits through mutual cooperation, aiming at effective waste management for the entire community.

Competitive Advantages

Flexibility of production (non-industrialized)

Quality of the factory’s operations as well as the

Research and development department which creates new products, in order to satisfy the most demanding and changing needs of the market





FERTECH PRODUCTIONfully recognizes the importance of quality and environmental protection following the International Management Standards 

ISO 9001 Quality Management System 

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System 

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

SA 8000  Social Accountability International Standards

ΙSO 39001  Road Traffic Safety Management System

The reassessment is carried out on an annual basis, in line with the new ISO standards by certification bodies, which are internationally recognized organizations.