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FERTECH production utilizes an Ecological De-Vulcanizer (EDV), a newchemical Modifier, patent protected by Levgum Ltd for producing De-vulcanized Rubber Compound (DRC). 

This innovative new process involves breaking down the sulfur links that are crossed between rubber polymer chains in vulcanized rubber.

Using DRC can lead users to elevate their industry positioning and save over 50% of the raw material cost as well as becoming "green" and environmentally friendly. The use of this unique patented technology is related to the de-vulcanization of all rubber compounds (NR, SBR, EPDM, SR etc.), especially used tires from trucks and passenger cars.

The new product (DRC) can be used as a raw material for the production of new rubber products at various concentrations.

Itcan replace virgin rubber compounds from 10-90% in all rubber products and even in tire manufacturing.



Product Name DRC

Physical Form Agglomerate

Color Black

Hazard Non-Hazardous


Polymer content  49-55%

Ash content 2-6%

Carbon content 28-33%



  1. Exceptional physical properties
    Significantly lower cost from natural or synthetic rubber.
  2. The use of DRC is simple and leads industry savings over 50% of the cost of raw materials.
  3. Contributes to reducing C02 emissions
    In all the above applications DRC produces a high quality product with no by productsIt does not produce or emit any hazardous waste or gasesandis 100% environmentally safe.
  4. Simple application
    The production of DRC is carried out at room temperaturewithout the use of any solvents.


Conveyor belts

Solid tires

Rubber mats

Truck&OTR treads

Tiles for flooring

Camel backs

Cable insulation

EPDM applications

Pipes&plumping parts

Asphalt rubber


Shoe soles

Automotive parts: oil seals, footrests, motor cushions, mud protectors etc.