FERTECH PRODUCTION's business activity meets and responds to the urgent need for sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges our society facing today,  by putting waste management in our country, at the heart of environmental services. The ultimate goal is to achieving greater economic and environmental benefits through mutual cooperation, aiming at effective waste management for the entire community.

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FERTECH PRODUCTION is the groundbreaking, advanced production unit of the TEDRA Group, which operates in the field of sustainable organic waste management. FERTECH PRODUCTION’s main core business is the production of organic and organic-chemical fertilizers.

Receipt & Management

of Organic Waste


Organic & Organic-chemical Fertilizers


of Rubber Compounds
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FERTECH PRODUCTION is based on the flexibility of production (non-industrialized), the quality of the factory’s operations, as well as the research and development...

to Quality
FERTECH PRODUCTION complies with the International Standards